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  1. Melissa Ferreira Post author

    Hello Janie,

    Apologies for the delayed response. We do often check this platform for emails.
    Your work is nice but I’m afraid it is already quite similar to another line we carry in our shop currently.
    Thanks for reaching out and wishing you all the best.

    Melissa Ferreira

    Adhesif Clothing
    2202 Main Street
    Vancouver, BC

    Tues-Sat 11-7
    Sun 12-6
    Monday Closed

    Twitter @adhesifclothing
    Facebook adhesifclothing
    Instagram adhesifclothing

  2. Brigitte Lee

    Could you please contact me, $281.75 us came out of my account and I don’t remember ordering anything off you, I just want to verify before I call my bank! Thanks

  3. Melissa Ferreira Post author

    Hello Brigitte,

    Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention. I currently have a police
    investigation underway regarding this issue as my company name was used by a 3rd party member in a case of identity theft.

    Please call your bank immediately as it is likely your credit card has been compromised and ask them for a chargeback on the transaction in
    I have no evidence of this transaction in my own account nor do
    I do not have an online shop under my company name. I am a Canadian based company
    with no association to US currency.


    Adhesif Clothing Co

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