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Melissa Ferreira is the Vancouver designer behind Adhesif Clothing Co.  Originally born in Montreal, Melissa was influenced by her mother who worked in garment production for large scale clothing distributors in that city.

Since teaching herself how to sew at a young age and experimenting with textiles most of her life, Melissa is proud to say she is a self-taught designer & a natural entrepreneur.

Working as a vintage clothing buyer for many years, inspired Melissa to create garments with older textiles because of the amazing quality and special characteristics a lot of these textiles own. There is a double advantage in using discarded textiles; not only do they reduce waste, but they add distinctive personality to all of her eye-catching creations.

Every handmade piece is handmade with up to 95% sustainable materials

Locally produced in Vancouver, BC at their creative studio by appointment location.

Designs by Adhesif Clothing can be found online through the Etsy shop

as well as multiple local artisan markets like Shiny Fuzzy Muddy, The Circle Craft Summer & Christmas Markets among other festivals and events throughout the year.

Melissa is also the founder and organizer behind the Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale which happens every April. It’s truly a sale like no other around. 30 selected local designers and artists gather under one roof for the event at the Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street Vancouver,BC).

You will find everything from handmade accessories to clothing and trinkets, all for only $50 & under.It’s the only time of year where you can get a steal of deal on an Adhesif Clothing piece as well as all the other handmade designer goods and just in time to revamp that Spring wardrobe!

Check out for more info about this highly anicipated indie designer blow out sale of the year!

The eclectic line has caught the eye of local media and national media as well.

Her work has been featured in multiple fashion magazines like Belle Armoire USA, LOU LOU, FLARE & FASHION Magazine as well as television with the Knowledge Network, CBC, CTV to name a few.

Melissa looks forward to designing all future collections from reclaimed materials and to maintain that special personal touch lost in many mass-produced garments.

Every Adhesif design has a heartbeat & a story to tell. In this way her clients can continue feeling great both inside and out.